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Principles of activity and the company’s benefits

Energokaskad CJSC performs a "key-ready" implementation of the projects of any degree of complexity.

When constructing power and water treatment plants the company offers you a full service set, which includes the following:


  • Survey and design activities, project feasibility studies and field supervision  

    Energokaskad CJSC performs a full set of survey and design activities taking into account geological, natural and climate properties of the area and possesses huge experience of examination procedure conduction as well as of project feasibility estimation. The availability of its own survey & research base and durable stable links with Russian leading project design institutes makes it possible for the company to develop the projects meeting the requirements of world up-to-date standards.


  • Complete delivery of equipment and materials

    The company effects the complete delivery of the equipment and materials to provide the construction site of power and water treatment plants with all things needed. Manufacturing control system, organization of transportation and storage of the equipment and materials supplied and incoming control allow the company to provide construction work quality and plants’ high operational liability. The complete equipment supplied by Energokaskad CJSC possesses proper technical and economical characteristics and meets modern requirements. The company performs the supplies of the equipment using a large scope of schemes including those offered by leasing companies. By the orders of our company the equipment is manufactured at Russian factories known to the world and at the largest manufacturing enterprises of Germany, Switzerland, France and etc. The quality and liability of the equipment supplied is acknowledged by its faultless operation on the plants commissioned.


  • Construction, installation and start-up of the equipment; plants’ commissioning

    Energokaskad CJSC performs the organization of the construction at all stages starting from the receipt of necessary approvals, preparation of construction site, conduction of construction and special construction activities, installation and start-up of thermal mechanical & electrical technical equipment, instrumentation & DCS of any complexity and commissioning of the plants. Construction organization and work execution plans developed by the company and the usage of high-tech installation methods make it possible to effect the activities within the shortest periods of time and to optimize financial expenditures. When the activities are effected they are supervised; so, their high quality is provided. Company specialists’ experience assures the compliance with all construction technological requirements specified by equipment manufacturing enterprises and normative technical documentation. Partnership relations with the largest construction & installation directorates in Russia combined with the participation of company’s own Construction & Installation Directorate allow simultaneous building of several plants of high quality with the observance of the contractual terms.


  • Updating and reconstruction of the plants

    Energokaskad CJSC has huge experience of updating and reconstruction of power and water treatment plants including that in connection with the generating block unit capacity ascension and water purification state-of-the-art technologies utilizing. When conducting the plant reconstruction or technical re-equipping, we make allowances for step-by-step construction & installation activities admitting to maintain the capacities of the existing plants. Updating and reconstruction activities are performed not only at the plants commissioned but also at the plants erected by other firms.


  • Integrated maintenance of plants and supply of spares

    Energokaskad CJSC specialists together with local maintenance staff conduct integrated maintenance of the plants, including the supply of consumables, tools and spare parts. If necessary, we can provide termless maintenance of the plants erected by our company. Many years’ experience of export & import operations with the products of industrial and technical designation makes it possible for the company to provide the End-User with all necessary materials and tools within the shortest period of time.


The company cooperates with financial structures concerned in industrial, fuel and energy investments; the structures are ready to assist our End-Users in the implementation of the projects.


  Address: Dubininskaya st. 35, office 1202.   Phone/fax: +7 (495) 995-31-85    E-mail: energokaskad@energokaskad.com