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Standard stages of design inplementation

I.    Predesign works.

Predesign research starts with a shared completion of a form with a customer and a detailed study of the customer’s particular case on site. This examination makes for the choice of the most expedient in technical respect and most profitable water-treatment or energy supply systems. The result of predesign works is a technical and business offer, containing fundamental technical solutions (one or more alternates), time period and design costs. 
II.    Conclusion of a contract

Parties sign a contract, representing the reached agreements on landmark technical solutions, time constraints and design costs.
III.    Designing

The design phase can be split up into the following stages:
    • Drawing up of an agreed upon design requirements specification;
    • Compilation of the approved part (landmark technical solutions, economic justification of the design, customer’s confirmation);
    • Compilation of work papers;
    • Submission of the design to supervision authorities’ approval.
During a design phase a great deal of information content is being processed and fundamental technical solutions are laid. Further work progress (lead time, attainment of the required engineering data, observance of estimate characteristics etc.) as well as the final result of the whole project completely depend on designing quality.
IV.    Complete equipment (configuration) and logistics

Integrated equipment supply of the object, according to the design and work schedule. It is one of the most crucial parts in the design implementation, which also has a considerable impact on the object’s quality and the period of its construction.
V.    Construction and assembling as well as starting-up and adjustment works
    • construction and installation works.
    • installation of primary and support manufacturing equipment.
    • installation of electric and control equipment.
    • prestarting works.
    • commissioning works.
    • realization of joint trials.
VI.    Commissioning of the object
    • customer’s examination of the quality and completeness of works execution.
    • equipment launch and demonstration of its technical capabilities.
VII.    A customer’s personnel training

Proficiency of service staff is the guarantee of lasting equipment security. As a rule, the training process begins at the stage of design realization.
In the course of training, experts acquire both theoretical knowledge and practical skills about maintenance and running of the installation.

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