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Power installations in progress

Customer Object Capacity works Period
Novomoskovskaya SDPP ОАО «ТGK-4» Combined-cycle plant with two gas-turbine power plant 240 МW construction 2008-2010
Vancorneft ОАО NK «ROSNEFT» This plant is used as the main source of the electrical power supply of the oil recovery installations. Installed power plant capacity is 200 МW. &... Далее 200 МW construction 2006-2010
Astahanskaya SDPP ОАО «YGK ТGK-8» State-of-the-art Steam Gas Unit with a total capacity of 110-125 MW.   General View of Astrakhanskaya SDPP Design.   General View of... Далее 115 MW construction 2007-2010
Voronezhskaya TPP-2 ОАО «ТGK-4» Development and renovation CHP, with the application of the best practicable control technology, meeting all technical and ecological requirements. ... Далее 115 МW construction 2007-2010

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