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Finished power installations

Customer Object Capacity works Period
FGU Kalmmeliovodhoz, an institution of the Department of Agriculture Construction of off-site power supply installations of Iki-Burulsky group water supply system that delivers to Republic of Kalmykia ground waters of S... 110/6kW construction 2008-2009
Eletskaya TPP TGK-4 Construction of the combined-cycle plant on the base of the existing CHP. Main Builfing Equipment Configuration 3-D View   January 2007.... 52 MW Construction 2006-2008
Kuibishevsky NPZ ZAO Jukos-RM Reconstruction of the existing Thermal power plants with replacement of the out-dated equipment and installation of two steam turbines.   {nl... 12 MW reconstruction 2004-2006
Ulan-Udenskaya Thermal Power Plant-1, OAO Buryatenergo, OAO TGK-14 RAO EES Replacement of a pressure-reducing desuperheating station of turbine department, reconstruction of an automatic fire-extinguishing systems for fuel fe... 12 MW reconstruction 2002-2004
ZAO Ostashkovsky tannery Reconstruction of Thermal Power Plant with installation of a turbine generator.   {nlic} 1,5 MW reconstruction 2002-2004
Vyatsko-Polyanskogo Engineering Plat Molot, Boiler-house at mini Thermal Power Plant   {nlic} 1,5 MW reconstruction 2002-2004
Electric equipment factory ZAO ZETO Reconstruction of an existing mini Thermal Power Plant with installation of turbine TG-3,5/6,3 R12/1,2.   {nlic} 0,6 MW reconstruction 2002-2003
Electric power substation Eliseevskaya Electric power substation in a part of the electricity supply project of the steel making industry.     June 2007. Installation of bus ... 110/10KW Construction 2006-2007

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