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Novolipetsky Metallurgical Complex

WTS CHP, water demineralization plant – the 1 waiting list.

Reconstruction of WTS installation in a number of 4 existing parallel bare sodium-cation filters with their further transference in return flow technology UPCORE – the 2 waiting list.


ВПУ ТЭЦ, цех химводоподготовки

September 2009. Thermal Unit Section Filter.


Реконструкция водоподготовительных установок 

September 2009. Filtrating Section of Novolipetsky Iron and Steel Works.


противоточная технология АПКОРЕ

September 2009. Filtrating Section of Novolipetsky Iron and Steel Works.



Reconstruction of Thermal Power Section with a Capacity of 560 m3 (1-st stage)


  • 6-fold reduction of filters’ quantity with the increase of water treatment unit output;
  • 4-fold reduction of reactant consumption; 60% reduction of water consumption for water treatment unit auxiliaries;
  • Annual 2 % reduction of ion-exchange materials’ feed;
  • Capacity of each counter-current filter with 3 m diameter comprises 200 m3/h on the average

Reconstruction of Desalting Unit of TPP Demineralizer Section with a Capacity of 500 m3 (2-nd stage)


  • Increase of water treatment unit capacity with a simultaneous softening rejection;
  • Maintenance cost reduction;
  • Reduction of configuration and quantity of the equipment installed;
  • Replacement of worn-out filtering equipment; After an updated desalting unit is commissioned, the existing desalting and softening units of water treatment section will be outcomissioned.


Novolipetsky Metallurgical Complex
Novolipetsky Metallurgical Complex

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