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Engineering center

Engineering Center of Energokaskad CJSC

Engineering Center of Energokaskad CJSC is a leading Russian enterprise in the area of industrial design, which traces its history from the year of 2000.
Within this period the activities in the largest projects in the area of medium power engineering and water treatment that have no analogues in Russia with regard to the complexity and territorial distribution thereof, have already been implemented and are still being performed by the efforts of the Engineering Center


Engineering Center Structure

Engineering Center of Energokaskad CJSC consists of 4 main subdivisions:

  • Design Institute (DI)
  • Department of Water Technologies (DWT)
  • Thermal Power Station Expert Department (TPS ED)
  • Equipment Bundling Department (EBD)


Engineering Center Design License

Since December 21, 2009 Energokaskad CJSC is a member of NP Energoproekt self-regulatory organization.

  • Certificate No.P-0092-02-2010-0148 dd. February 10, 2010 for permit to activities for preparing of design documents of capital construction objects.


Engineering Center Services


“turnkey” execution of design and survey works as follows:

  • Topographical works;
  • Geotechnical works;
  • Ecological and hydrometeorological activities;
  • Investigation of existing buildings, constructions and equipment.
  • Development of technical and commercial proposals (TCP), main technical solutions (MTS) and investment feasibility studies (IFS).
  • Complex development of design and working documents as per Act No.87 dd. February 16, 2008 with consideration to the following spheres:
  • Thermal power stations, boiler houses, sub-stations and switch gears (Outdoor Switch Gears, Indoor Switch Gears);
  • Water Treatment Units;
  • Passing of State  examination of design documents and engineering surveys (in compliance with Act No.145 dd. March 5, 2007) including RF Main State Expert Review Board Federal State Institution
  • Support of documents developed by the other design organizations in State Expert Review Board
  • Field Supervision at construction site.


Engineering Center Specialties:

All specialties of the Engineering Center of Energokaskad CJSC are presented by the following departments:

  • Architectural & Constructional Department (ACD)

Development of architectural and constructional solutions, ground area arrangement schemes (general scheme and transport), working documents for architectural solutions, general construction solutions, metal structures, reinforced concrete structures and etc.

  • Electric and Technical Department (ETD)

Development of electrical and technical solutions, working documents for electric solutions and electric lightening, installation drawings, cable records and etc.

  • Thermal and Mechanical Department (TMD)

Development of thermal and mechanical solutions, Process Flow Diagrams (in P&DI software), pipeline isometric diagrams (in PDMS software), installation drawings, working documents for thermal and mechanical solutions and etc.

  • Water Treatment Processing Department (WT TD) including a group of designers.

Development of water treatment processing part, working documents for manufacturing technique and chemical control, design documents for the manufacturing of membranes (ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and etc.)

  • Utility Facilities (UF)

Development of solutions for utility facilities (heating, ventilation, water supply, sewage, fire fighting system and etc), working documents for heating and ventilation system, water supply and sewage system, fire-fighting system, fire-fighting automation system and etc.

  • Cost Estimate Department (CED)

Development of facility cost estimates, overall summary estimates, local cost estimates.

  • Automation and Сontrol Equipment Department (ACED)

Development of automation and control equipment section, working documents for technical solution automation, chemical control automation, heating and ventilation automation and etc.

  • CAD Department (PDMS Support)
  • Inspection Rate and Documentation Issuance Department (IRDID)


Core Activities of Engineering Center Departments:

Design Institute

Development of Design and Working Documents for the following:

  • Construction of new thermal power plants built on the basis of combined-cycle gas turbines (CCGT) including all auxiliary buildings and facilities (block pumping units, cooling towers, circular pumping stations, source water and fire-fighting pumping units, gas distribution plants, capital construction departments, sewage pumping stations and etc.)
  • Reconstruction of existing thermal power plants, mini-TPP-based boiler houses, including the replacement of separate turbine generators and other thermal and mechanical equipment without shutting the plant and mainlines down;
  • Construction of new outdoor and indoor switch gears 110 kV OSG, 110 kV ISG) and substations and reconstruction of existing ones.


Department of Water Technologies

Development of technical and commercial proposals (TCP), investment feasibility studies (IFS), pre-design, design and working documents for the following:

  • Water treatment units (WTU) for NPP, TPS (TPP), petrochemical, chemical and metallurgical plants;
  • Emulsion Utilities (preparation, utilization, purification of lubricoolants)
  • Purifying units for galvanic drainage lines;
  • Purifying units for commercial, commercial & storm and domestic drainage lines;
  • Iron Removal Plants.


Department of TPS Examination

Examination of design and working documents issued by the Engineering Center of Energokaskad CJSC and by outside design organizations, design support.

State-of-the-Art Design Technologies
PDMS (Plant Design Management System), a 3D automatic design system, is widely used in the Engineering Center of Energokaskad CJSC under project implementation.

PDMS allows a sufficient reduction of design period, provides high quality of design documentation and engineering & economical performance of the object under development at the stage of its development, construction, installation, set-up and as well as at the stage of operation thereof.

By means of PDMS (Plant Design Management System) one can create a full and precise 3D-model, which includes equipment, processing utilities, building structures and all other components of the object. One can trace the correctness of relative layout of all elements of the object, detect collisions and mismatches in automatic mode.

Automated design with the usage of means of PDMS (Plant Design Management System) is conducted with consideration to KKS requirements.



Please, find the full list of projects implemented and being under implementation as for today on the Web Site  www.energokaskad.com

Engineering Center Director Deputy for Commercial Issues
Denis Petrovich Mezentsev
Tel.:8(495) 221-87-36 ext.5092
Mob: 8(985) 220-89-91
e-mail: d.mezentsev@energokaskad.com

  Address: Dubininskaya st. 35, office 1202.   Phone/fax: +7 (495) 995-31-85    E-mail: energokaskad@energokaskad.com