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The main area of company activities in the field of energetics is presented by the construction of electrical power plants using the state-of-the-art technologies of production of thermal and electrical power on the base of combine cycle gas turbines (CCGT) both with home-made and imported equipment of high unit capacity.


When choosing concrete types of prime equipment for electrical power plants we are always guided by the principles of energy-saving technologies. Only in this case one can sufficiently reduce the price of electrical and thermal energy generating, effectively use the advantages and take cognizance of drawbacks of practicable existing solutions.


The choice of this or that type of power generating unit mostly depends on particular object’s conditions. Whereas the principle factors are as follows:


  • Electrical and/or thermal power demand rate;
  • Customer’s financial, organizational and technical capabilities in order to create and run its own power generating unit;
  • Technological peculiarities of Customer’s factory thermal and electrical energy consumption;
  • Climate, physical and geological peculiarities of the location of the object;
  • Opportunities of fuel and water supply for power generating unit;
  • Ecological, social and territorial conditions of the location of the object.

As a rule, priority is placed on gas turbine units that combust natural gas utilizing heat deeply in waste-heat boilers and then generating electrical energy on steam turbines. Power efficiency of such a kind of units comes up to 60 %. Comparatively short "key-ready" construction period (up to 3 years) of CCGT also presents its considerable advantage.


However, CCGT construction under natural gas deficit can never meet the need of electrical energy in full. Energokaskad CJSC is offering you its services for the construction of solid-fuel electrical power plants of various capacities using both home-made and imported state-of-the-art equipment. At this, making use of the experience of leading manufacturers of prime equipment in Russia and abroad, the company is ready to offer you the projects of environmentally friendly electrical power plants complying with all requirements of the 21st century.


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