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Activities and functions

 CJSC "Energokaskad" is a diversified engineering company focused on the construction and reconstruction of water treatment systems and systems of power generation, transmission and distribution.

     Heat power
     Water Treatment
     transmission and
Thermoelectric power stations based on steam turbines
Thermoelectric power stations based on gas turbines
Electric power stations based on gas-reciprocating motors
Preliminary water treatment systems
(including floatation and self-washing filters)
Counterflow and uniflow systems of chemical water treatment
Water treatment systems based on membrane technologies
Power stations


Our basic customers are:

Nuclear power plants   RAO«UES of Russia»
  Metallurgical, chemical
and oil-and-gas branches factories
  Mining and mineral
processing factories
  Municipal services


For customers’ maximum convenience, Energokaskad engineering company can function both as a general contractor and customer-builder:

  • A general contractor duty involves management of all-stage construction fulfillment, such as: designing, complete equipment, building and installation works ( both on our own and by means of recruiting contractors), architectural supervision and a «turn-key» adjustment;
  • A customer-builder’s duty as opposed to that of a general contractor’s consists also in enforcing the design management, co-ordination of contract and subcontract organizations, thus, assuming a main customer’s duty.


  Address: Dubininskaya st. 35, office 1202.   Phone/fax: +7 (495) 995-31-85    E-mail: energokaskad@energokaskad.com