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There are no analogues of Astrakhanskaya SDPP under construction in southern federal district

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As specialists suppose, there is no such plant in Southern State District as Astrakhanskaya SDPP being built now by Energokaskad CJSC. Gennady Shokalo, Director General of SDPP under reconstruction informed Alexander Zhilkin, Astrakhan Region Governor, of the fact. «The object is of great importance for the region. It shall stand for the old one, which is economically unsound for the region», - Mr. Zhilkin pointed. «Astrakhanskaya SDPP reconstruction and particularly construction of 110 MW CCGT to be commissioned in the second quarter of the next year shall give an opportunity to develop the northern part of Astrakhan and the whole region», - he mentioned.

The project is implemented by LUKOIL, its targeted cost comprises more than 4 bln. RUR. Energokaskad CJSC is a General Subcontractor of the project. Having started to perform the activities of the first stage of new social and economic development plan of Astrakhan Region, the very region felt obvious deficit of all sorts of power resources, including those of electrical and heat power.

As explained by the Director General of the enterprise, if efficiency coefficient of the existing plant comprises 31%, then efficiency coefficient of the new plant shall comprise 50%. «This means different economics, different expenditures. For people it’s essential that the tariffs shall be reduced and shan’t increase so fast. It will improve reliability and ecology, decrease emissions of poisoned gases into the atmosphere, it means different production rate. We expect hard, difficult, but real work», - Gennady Shokalo stated.


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